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Hand-Poured Soy Candles in over 140 different scents.

Locally owned and operated by twin brother and sister, Forrest and LeAnne, Smoky Mountain Wax & Company has a wide array of handmade wax products to chose from.

Mostly known for our all-natural hand-poured soy candles, which we have in over 140 scents. These candles are a favorite among our customers not only due to the long burn time (approx. 150 hours), but also because they can be used as a lotion.

We also do decorative candles in Palm wax and paraffin, we do your standard wax melts (6 cavities) as well as wax tarts (just a 'big brother' to the wax melt), and we have our specially formulated simmering oils that can be used not only in your warmer to scent your home, but also as a body oil or bath oil as well.

Need a gift for the candle lover in  your life? Stop by and check out our selection of sample packs and gift sets! With such a wide selection of high quality, handmade fragrances, why go anywhere else? 

Find Smoky Mountain Wax & Company on

Floor F of the Mountain Mall.    Tel: 865-361-8271

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